Gafar Karar Ahmed
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加法尔·卡拉尔·艾哈迈德(Gafar K. Ahmed)是苏丹著名的中国问题专家、上外中东研究所兼职教授,长期关注中阿关系的历史与现状,曾出版《阿曼人对中国的文明作用》、《跨越二千年的苏丹中国关系探源求实》等多部著作。201612月,加法尔·卡拉尔·艾哈迈德教授被聘为上海外国语大学中东研究所国际荣誉顾问。

Gafar Karar Ahmed

Dr. Gafar Karar Ahmed, a Sudanese Scholar and a Sinologist specializing China's relations with Middle East and North Africa. He obtained a Master’s Degree from the University of Khartoum, and he finished the doctorate thesis on Sino-Arab Relations at Nanjing University, supervised by Professor Chen Dezhe in 1996. He has done the Post- Doctoral research (1999-2001) at History Department of Peking University.

He is Member of the Institute of Arab-Islamic Culture Studies of Peking University, Visiting Scholar at Middle East Studies Institute of Shanghai International Studies University, Visiting Scholar at Institute of Mongolian-Yuan Studies of Nanjing University. Dr. Ahmed is currently working for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Qatar. He has published extensively on China’s policy towards and relations with the Middle East and North Africa, and its dealings with the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in these regions as well as political issues.

His most recent works include:

Sudan-China Relations 1956-2011, Beirut: Arab Unity Studies Center, January, 2016;

“Evaluation of Sino-Arab Forum in Ten Years,” Alsiassa Al-dawlya, April 2014;

“The Chinese Stance on Darfur Conflict,” South African Institute of International Affairs, Paper No. 67, September 2010.