Jun DING:“Sinicization of Islam from the Perspective of Religious Cultural Traditions”,Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
发布时间: 2021-10-19 浏览次数: 10

SourceAsian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic StudiesVol. 16,Issue 3Oct. 2021

AbstractIslamic religious cultural traditions encourage Muslims to be progressive, keep pace with the times, and continue to innovate al-Ijtihad and cultures. This cultural spirit and tradition endow Islam with inherent dynamism for its localization and contextualization in different regions and different times. The history of the spread and development of Islam in China for more than 1,300 years is also the history of continuous exploration and advancement on the road of sinicization and continuous adaptation to the Chinese society. History has shown that following the direction of sinicization not only conforms to the religious cultural traditions of Islam, but is also the objective demand and the only correct way for Islam to adapt to Chinese society. Today, the Chinese Islamic circles must uphold traditions of Islam as well as continue to innovate at the same time and press forward on the road to the sinicization of Islam.

KeywordsIslam;Al-Ijtihad;cultural innovation;localisation;Sinicization;community with a shared future for mankind