Building a New Silk Road: China and the Middle East in the 21st Century
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书名:Building a New Silk Road: China and the Middle East in the 21st Century


作者:Edited by SUN Degang & Yahia H. ZOUBIR






This book volume aims to investigate the evolving China’s diplomacy towards the Middle East from interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional perspectives. Fifteen articles have been selected from the latest academic journals, including the Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (in Asia), Bustan: The Israeli Book Review, etc. The authors have divergent backgrounds, ranging from research fellows, professors, ambassadors and others offering diverse observations of China’s Middle East diplomacy and its transformation.



China’s Middle East Studies in Retrospect and Prospect

I. China and the Middle East Revolts

The Upheaval in the Middle East and China’s Middle East Policy

China and the Arab Revolts

China’s Middle East Policy toward the Arab Revolution

On Political Unrest in the Middle East and China’s Response

China’s Emerging Role in the New Arab World

II. China’s Political and Security Ties with the Middle East

On the Strategic Relationship between China and the Middle East Islamic Countries

China’s Strategic Option: Approach the Greater Middle East through the Eurasian Hinterland

The China-Arab States Cooperation Forum and China-Arab All-round Cooperation

III. China’s Economic and Trade Ties with the Middle East

The Oil Politics & Geopolitical Risks with China’s “Going out” Strategy toward the Greater Middle East

Exploring Economic Relations between China and the GCC States

Sino-Arab Economic and Trade Cooperation: Old Question, New Task

IV. China’s Social and Cultural Ties with the Middle East

The Economic and Trade Factors in China’s National Image in the Arab Countries

The Rise of GCC’s Soft Power and China’s Cultural Diplomacy

International Competition for Discourse Power in the Middle East Upheaval and Implications for China

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