Song Niu, Rui Wu:“Beyond 'Vaccine Nationalism': China's Cooperation with the Middle East in the COVID-19 Vaccine”, China: An International Journal
发布时间: 2023-03-11 浏览次数: 352

SourceChina: An International Journal (SSCI), Vol.21, No.1, February 2023

AbstractThe current COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on global health security, and some developed countries have promoted “vaccine nationalism” based on the principle of self-interested supremacy and have adopted the approach of seizing pre-sale opportunities in the procurement of vaccines and competing for the right to distribute vaccines to obstruct fair and reasonable distribution of vaccines worldwide. This article analyses the current situation of and predicament caused by the pandemic in the Middle East which has to bear the brunt of the influence and detrimental impact of vaccine nationalism. By analysing the vaccine cooperation model and mechanism between China and countries in the Middle East, this article investigates how China’s vaccine cooperation in the Middle East has transcended vaccine nationalism. Vaccine nationalism has not only affected the availability of vaccines in countries in the Middle East but also threatened the health and safety of the region. The international vaccine cooperation between China and Middle Eastern countries is therefore an effective hedge against the negative impact of vaccine nationalism, highlighting China’s fundamental stance to safeguard the attributes of vaccines as public goods and also demonstrating to the international community China’s exemplary role in the fight against the pandemic.